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Woman To Woman

Our wardrobe is so much more than mere decoration; it’s a form of feminine communication – a signpost to the sisterhood, signalling our shared experience. For accessories brand Misela, beautiful handbags speak the language of female style.

In partnership with Misela


It happens in an instant – that immediate, pleasurable recognition of a sartorial twin spirit, a fellow traveller in fashion. Such is the vision behind Misela.

Established in Istanbul in 2008, its accessories are a timely fusion of traditional technique and contemporary flair – elegant, eclectic and effortlessly stylish.

Misela’s name captures the female kinship at the heart of the brand. An acronym of founder Serra Türker’s sisters’ names (Mina and Lara), the label is a rallying call to strong, independent women who support one another at every turn.

Collagerie’s founders and longtime friends, Lucinda and Serena instantly recognised a shared spirit in Misela. “Its bags are talismans of feminine energy,” reveals Serena, “they speak to us and they’ll speak to you.”

Serena: "My Misela"

“As a busy working mother, I look for a versatile bag with space for everything from my laptop to after-school snacks. This Misela tote has all that and more. It’s strong and stylish, feminine and grown-up – a multi-tasking bag for my multi-faceted life!”

Lucinda: "My Misela"

“I thirst for striking pieces but also need designs that deliver. This Misela handbag has a mood that communicates modern polish, but with its lovely minty green hue and playful embellishments, it nods to my escapist side too. It captures me.”