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From Morocco to Mongolia, Paris to Peru, Antik Batik designs whisk you across the globe in elegant, ethical style… little wonder, with fashion’s original wanderer at the helm. And now more than ever, such exquisite escapism is just the ticket…

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Artisanal, eco-friendly, responsible, slow… These watchwords of contemporary design were far from the fashion lexicon in 1992, when Gabriella Cortese launched Antik Batik.

In many ways, she is the mother of modern ethical style, yet her visionary label was a happy accident. “For me, fashion happened by chance,” she laughs, “something that allowed me to do what I love: travel.”

Bohemian to its core, Antik Batik holds a mirror to Cortese’s nomad soul, conjuring free-spirited looks that fuse fresh energy with age-old artistry. Her passion for travel saw a young Cortese journey through Bali, Tibet, Nepal and India, discovering the ancient techniques that lie at the heart of her designs and forging relationships with local artisans that continue to this day.

Cortese still feeds her wanderlust, capturing all the beauty and colour of the world in Antik Batik. SS21 shimmers with the heat of the Mediterranean – a sunny, seductive mix of crocheted bikinis, Bardot blouses and dreamy, vintage-chic dresses that look fresh from a busy brocante.

All of which means that when travel feels beyond our reach, we can holiday from home, escaping far and wide by way of our stylish wardrobes.

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