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Adooring Colour

Six tastemakers enjoy a front-door makeover in their favourite shade from Colour By Nature, the new collection by Farrow & Ball. The result? Dapper doors in ‘adoorable’ new hues.

Created in partnership with Farrow & Ball

Photography by Kensington Leverne


First impressions count. From a perfectly painted fuchsia lip to a breezy floral dress or razor-sharp suit, your look announces your style and your status before you’ve spoken a single word. As with our wardrobes, so too our homes. Thanks to recent events, the facade of your house has become the face you present to the world – your chance to make that impeccable first impression.

Now, as signs of summer begin to bloom and thoughts of a life post-lockdown take root, what could be more apt than a front-door refresh, painted in a shade from Colour By Nature, the new palette by Farrow & Ball. A medley of 16 sumptuous hues – from verdant Sap Green and thundery Scotch Blue to the flirtatious blush of Lake Red – Colour By Nature is an ode to Mother Earth in all her dazzling diversity.

To help craft this new range, Farrow & Ball turned to London’s Natural History Museum and its copy of Werner’s Nomenclature Of Colours. First published in 1774, this celebrated tome records the exact hue of a multitude of animals, vegetables and minerals from across the natural world. Of course, curating a captivating collection is an idea that chimes perfectly with Collagerie. We deliver a stylishly shoppable edit of life, from fashion to interiors. And since a passion for colour is our calling card, where better to unveil Farrow & Ball’s vibrant, eco-friendly paints than here, our contemporary curiosity shop.

From 18th-century inspiration to modern-day influencers… This season, Collagerie X Farrow & Ball presents ‘Adooring Colour’, in which six tastemakers reveal their freshly painted front doors, each one worked in a shade from Colour By Nature. Start planning your spring/summer update. After all, a great first impression will open countless new doors. You can view the full range here.

Serena Hood, co-founder of Collagerie

“When I saw this colour I knew it was ‘the one’ – subtle and eye-catching at the same time. It looks beautiful set amongst the leaves of our tree-lined street. As you can imagine, my daughters love the fact it is called ‘Duck Green’.”

Anna Mason, fashion designer

“I chose ‘Crimson Red’ because it’s actually pink and pink is my favourite colour. It’s so cheerful and it’s the only pink door on my street.”

Jessica McCormack, jewellery designer

“I love putting blue and black together and thought ‘Scotch Blue’ was the perfect inky shade to pair with the black of the townhouse.”

Lucinda Chambers, co-founder of Collagerie

“I love this colour, ‘Deep Reddish Brown’. It’s not just any brown; it has such depth and is so warm, it feels like walking through chocolate every time I come and go. And as for the shine… brilliant!”

India Whalley, founder of The Edition 94 & The Dot Project

“I have chosen a really lovely shade called ‘Sap Green’ for our front door, in the hope it will bring us a little closer to nature as we wait for summer (and our plants) to arrive!”

Rose Mann and Anthony Hood, founders of Farm Girl

“We're obsessed with our newly painted doors in the Farm Girl courtyard. We adore this colour because it reminds us of walking the streets of Cartagena a few summers ago.”


Rose Mann & Anthony Hood