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A Whole Nue You

Spring is on the horizon, positivity is in the air and we’re on the bounce-back to happy, healthy living. What better moment to welcome The Nue Co, whose fortifying supplements are a powerful tool on journey to wellness.

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A Bit About The Nue Co

Chocolates and flowers are always a pleasure on Valentine’s Day, but how much more precious to enjoy the gift of good health. With The Nue Co, you can treat your loved ones to exactly that. This innovative brand delivers sustainably produced formulas that redefine the concept of supplements. Cue tablets, tinctures, topical serums and anti-stress fragrances – products that lend a stylish new spin to wellness. And now, more than ever, our bodies need the additional succour that The Nue Co’s supplements provide. So whether you’re investing in your own health or that of those closest to you, there’s no better way to show you care.

Skincare Support

“What a treat! This triple whammy of serum, capsules and stimulating massage will deliver the deep care my skin thirsts for in winter. I’m reclaiming my glow.” Lucinda Chambers, Co-founder

The Nue Co recommends: The Pill, The Tool and Skin Filter

Great skin is a shared goal, but there’s more at stake than looking good. Our skin is the canvas upon which our wellbeing is displayed, so a glowing complexion signposts self-care. The Nue Co’s three-way skin support system begins with The Pill, a topical serum packed with every nutrient your complexion needs. To get the best from the serum, there’s The Tool, a massage device used in traditional Chinese acupressure. Finally there’s Skin Filter, a best-seller that combats sun damage, pigmentation and blemishes.

Sleep Health

“Alongside my sleep mask and my silk pyjamas, these sleep supplements are my new nighttime must-have – you could say they’re my dream come true!” Pom Ogilvy, Executive Editor

The Nue Co recommends: Sleep Drops and Magnesium Ease

There’s nothing more restorative than a good night’s rest, which is why The Nue Co places such value on positive sleep health. Sleep Drops is an ingestible tincture containing natural ingredients such as valerian root, catnip and chamomile to aid relaxation and rest. Add a spritz of Magnesium Ease – the topical spray which helps calm the mind, release muscle tension and boost sleep quality – and you’ll be on your way to the land of dreams.

Stress Relief

“These supplements are a thank-you gift to my body for carrying me through the past year. And I can’t wait to share Forest Lungs with fellow mums juggling work and family life. It’s calmness in a bottle!” Serena Hood, Co-founder

The Nue Co recommends: Mood and Forest Lungs

A positive frame of mind is central to a healthy lifestyle – and that means targeting stress, the hormonal disruptor that impacts so severely on our wellbeing. The Nue Co recommends Mood, a powerful multivitamin containing supplements proven to aid your body’s natural management of anxiety. The innovative Forest Lungs is an anti-stress supplement in the form of a fragrance. A heady blend of natural woods, patchouli and citrus notes, it uses olfactory chemistry to promote feelings of calm and wellbeing.

Gut Balance

“Ever since I read Giulia Ender’s book Gut, I’ve been conscious of the importance of digestive health. I’m a huge self-care advocate and as far as I’m concerned, anything that’s good for my gut is good for me!” Danielle Verdoes, Digital Content Designer

The Nue Co recommends: Prebiotic+Probiotic and Debloat+

From glowing skin to a strong immune system, good health relies on a balanced gut, so nurturing a robust digestive system is a self-care essential. The Nue Co’s Prebiotic+Probiotic is formulated to improve gut health, combatting symptoms of IBS and helping to restore healthy gut bacteria. Meanwhile, Debloat+ works as a daily preventative for issues such as bloating and abdominal pain.