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The Elixir of Life

Exceptional fragrance speaks to its wearer – empowering and bewitching in a single seductive spritz. And no scent resonates with women quite like Chanel N°5; it kindles a lifelong relationship that evolves and deepens across the decades. Now, as Chanel N°5 turns 100, we’ve asked three exceptional women to share their sensory rapport with this celebrated perfume…

In partnership with Chanel

Photographed by Sam Copeland for Collagerie

Makeup by Kay Montano


Femininity: Past, Present and Future

For style influencer and friend of the House Ume Romaan, Chanel N°5 is a timeless emblem of femininity, capturing all the mystery and magic of womanhood. It is a shared experience; a secret language handed from generation to generation, drawing mothers, daughters, sisters and soul mates together in its exquisite embrace.

“Chanel N°5 was my mother’s fragrance and it evokes wonderful memories of my childhood. I still have her last N°5 bottle; it’s nearly 20 years old and my sisters and I treasure it dearly. My mother was incredibly strong and empowering, and to me that is what Chanel stands for.”

Ume Romaan


Ume Romaan (pictured above) holding Chanel N°5 L'Eau


The Essence Of Style

Gabrielle Chanel was a fashion visionary, celebrated for revolutionising the female wardrobe. Likewise, she crafted the first modern scent in Chanel N°5: timeless yet avant-garde, mysterious (its formula is Chanel’s best-kept secret) and effortlessly glamorous. Zoe Bedeaux is a creative polymath in the Chanel mold – an artist, poet, singer, designer and super-stylist, for whom Chanel N°5 is the very epitome of chic.

“What does Chanel make me think of? I think of Coco standing on the steps of her beautiful, mirrored staircase…”

Zoe Bedeaux

The Power And The Glory

The perfume of perfumes, Chanel N°5 enjoys an iconic status – one that mirrors the charismatic mood conjured by the fragrance itself. Intelligent, enigmatic, spirited, self-assured… it conveys the strength within every woman. For artist and designer Bell Hutley, it is this power that defines Chanel N°5.

“For me fragrance is a form of armour, it gives me confidence when I walk into a room. It helps set a precedent for how I want to be seen in the world, communicating a sense of self-respect and self-love.”

Bell Hutley

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