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Happy Days

Yes, life is throwing up hurdles, but there’s no better bounce-back than dazzling colour and dynamic pattern. Zingy splashes of neon, hypnotic tie-dye swirls, rainbow geometrics and eye-popping florals are the glorious pick-me-ups heralding happier times ahead.

Image: Bridget Riley

Blue wooden desk clock
£ 45.00

"Since we will be at our desks for a while longer, I'm going to make my space as great as it can be, starting with this… talk about colours talking!"

La DoubleJ
Blue patterned tiered skirt
£ 435.00

"I love the idea of changing for supper, this is beautiful with just a white shirt, also, for holiday dreaming, just dreamy."

A Note From Lucinda

"This is the time of year where we are longing for light. Bring it your way with something to pop a smile."

Signature: Lucinda
Tory burch
Blue colour-block down vest
£ 265.00

"This is a keeper and a great layering piece to lift the spirits and banish that chill."