In The Mood

The Food of Love

Traditional gatherings are what memories are made of, and in honour of Thanksgiving, we’ve sourced a feast of fabulous tableware. So even if friends and family are scattered far and wide, you can lay a table worth celebrating – this year and for many Thanksgivings to come…

Image: Cutter Brooks and Co.


“Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday of all - a day where we focus on gratitude and thanks. While I might not be living in the US, I have been celebrating this American tradition ever since moving to London as a young child. As a family we gather around the festive table to enjoy turkey, sweet potatoes and my mother’s Swedish inspired red cabbage recipe that has been passed down through generations. We end the our Thanksgiving feast with freshly baked pumpkin pie, play boardgames or charades around the fire before bedtime.”

Signature: Serena