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Neisha Crosland

There is no denying textile and pattern designer Neisha Crosland has an eye for something special. She has worked with fashion houses including Marc Jacobs and Christian Lacroix and designed collections for high street stores Laura Ashley and John Lewis. Explore Neisha's favourite boutiques when it comes to treating herself, her home or her family.


Blaze Milano

A go-to for well-tailored, chic jackets, trouser suits, smoking jackets and day and evening wear. They have just a few styles but work them in different fabrics - wools/velvets/jacquard weaves. To be worn with jeans or poshed up. I feel really good when I ever I wear mine

Postcard Teas

Founders and owners Timothy D’Offay and Asako D’Offay are mad about everything to do with tea culture and tea drinking and Post Card Teas is a testament to this – a wonderful selection of teas from around the world with lovely packaging. You can even get them to send a tea postcard to somebody for you - check it out!

Dr Harris

Hooked on their almond soap and I always put a bar of it in my suitcase when travelling for work, it makes clothes smell lovely and is a bit of home.

Sir Plus

I get my boys clothes from Sir Plus. Nice Nehru collar jackets – a good solution for guys who do not like dressing up or traditional formal wear but now and then need to sharpen up for a wedding or event!

Nadya Shah

For elaborate statement embellished jackets and opera capes for serious dressing up or actually just with jeans they’re great too.

Once Milano

Easy, soft, relaxed (no need to starch and iron) linen for table and bed.

Sharpham Park

Organic Spelt and British Walnuts, founded by ex-Mulberry Founder Roger Saul in 2003.


Heritage English quilted jackets & gilets. Classic with nice detailing and also some fun embroidered ones which work for both men and women. Lovely in green and cream.