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Lucinda Chambers

A few promises I made, skills to learn, things to watch, books to read... now is the time and no more excuses.

Image: Virginie Khateeb


Glass Cutter

I bought this and it’s brilliant! Repurpose full, therapeutic and you end up with great glasses.

A Woman of No Importance

I kept wanting to read this when it came out… remarkable tale of extraordinary bravery.

Sarah Chapman Mist Steamer

This is meant to be fantastic. It's on my list as everyone says it’s brilliant. It’s all about bringing the outside in so will start home skincare regime.

Dr Barbara Sturm Face Cream

I just finished this, it lasted from Christmas. It's a great cream, perfect face food. I really noticed a difference and certainly do now I have run out!

The Green Roasting Tin Cookbook

We are working our way through this and I can honestly say, every one’s a winner! We are on about our 11th recipe, a different one each time. I never used to be a vegetable lover, total convert now.

Christophe Robin Hair Toner Mask

I will definitely be missing Nicola Clarke who has so looked after my hair for the past 20 years, beautifully. So will be using this as an uplift, great to slap on and give coloured hair a lift.

Habitat Storage Baskets

Now I'm on a mission to sort everything out that needs sorting, and that's quite a lot, I'm going to make it all as inviting as I can, starting with putting all light bulbs and candles in these stripey beauties.