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Emily Forgot

Emily Forgot is a designer whose talents include graphics, art and illustration. Her exceptional eye is clear from her beautifully curated instagram feed and journal Muse & Maker. Discover what Emily is getting up to whilst staying home.

Image courtesy of John Kramer for Room On The Roof


Keeping Busy

With client projects delayed for the foreseeable future I’m immersing myself in my own practice and working on some self-initiated projects that this new time will allow me to develop. I’m contemplating doing a series of assemblages on French modernism and will no doubt be looking for inspiration in one of my favourite designers Jean Royere. His work is a playful take on the stricter aesthetic of modernism.

Decorating Tips

Now is a great time to be supporting independent makers and boutiques if you are able. I have my eye on a few lovely pieces to add some interest to my surroundings and that I know I will cherish forever. Candles by Lex Pott & Drill vases by Erik Olovsson

I inherited a lovely chunky 70s wooden lamp base from my grandma many moons ago and it’s followed me around shadeless since. I’ve decided a pleated shade would work perfectly so am pleased I hunted down the perfect one to fit.


Image: Kumi Sagai at Bisou Gallery


If the idea of finding artists and makers to buy feels overwhelming, why not leave it to the experts and with your purchase help an independent gallery at this time too! I highly recommend the wonderful curatorial eye of Georgia Spray at Partnership Editions, Laura Fulmine at M.A.H gallery and Julien Rademaker of Bisou gallery where I recently bought the most amazing vintage Kumi Sugai screen print.

Beauty Must

A very affordable Eau de toilette that hits all the right notes for me. I bought my first bottle when visiting the Fragonard factory in Grasse, so a quick spritz always transports me to the south of France. I can’t think of a better souvenir to bring back from a trip than a fragrance.

Can't Live Without

When I get in a work zone or find myself in a research rabbit hole I often neglect to drink enough water. For this reason I’m slightly obsessed with my chilly's water bottle that I now take everywhere with me to avoid thirst anger (which is definitely a real thing).

Giving Back

There are no words for the amount of respect and appreciation we all have for the front line workers at the NHS. It’s been nice to find creative ways of supporting and donating to the collective cause.